My Dog Tinned Dog Food Multi Pack 24 x 100g - Gourmet Beef & Classic Lamb

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  • Quality food for dogs
  • 24 x 100g trays
  • Includes: 12 x Gourmet Beef, 12 x Lamb Classic

A great addition to any meal, or able to be served as a complete meal on its own. Includes 24 handy 100g trays for your best friend to enjoy. Includes two delicious flavours:

Lamb Classic

Tantalise your dog's taste buds with tender cuts of real lamb, simmered to perfection. Simple, meaty and with a flavour and aroma that dogs adore. This dish will be a sure-fire hit with your furry foodie.

Gourmet Beef

Perfect for hungry litte meat connoisseurs. This classic dish is simple, but delicious. Brimming with succulent beef that's cooked until moreishly tender.




  • Gourmet beef: Meats Including Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; Minerals; Colours; Flavours; Vitamins.
  • Lamb classic: Meats Including Lamb, Pork, Chicken; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; Minerals; Flavours; Colours; Vitamins.


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