Mars Variety Mix 116pc Chocolate Box 1.7kg



With everyone's favourites all in one variety box, sharing has never been more tasty! This variety mix box contains 116 bars of chocolate, including Mars, Snickers, Twix, M&M's, Bounty, Maltesers and Milky Way - perfect for parties and family gatherings.

  • Mars Variety Mix Chocolate Box 1.7kg
  • Total package contents: 116 pieces
  • Includes (grams per serving):
    • Mars 18g
    • Snickers 18g
    • Twix 14.5g
    • M&M's 13.5g
    • Bounty 14g
    • Maltesers 12g
    • Milky Way 12g
  • Perfect for parties and sharing with friends and family
  • Country of origin: Australia

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