Healtheries Probiotic 50 Billion 60 Capsules

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  • Healtheries Probiotic 50 Billion is a high strength formula which contains a proprietary blend of powerful, scientifically-researched probiotic (friendly) bacteria that helps maintain gut health, healthy bowel habits and assist relief of constipation
  • Each capsule contains a massive 50 billion CFUs from 11 strains of friendly probiotic bacteria
  • May assist in maintaining the healthy balance of microflora after antibiotic administration
  • Beneficial when pregnant, to support healthy immune function in newborns
  • Provides a special delayed-release capsule that helps the bacteria survive the acidic environment of the stomach, delivering them to the small intestine
  • Convenient, high potency 1-a-day capsule
  • Available in bottles of 60 capsules

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