Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test 10 Pack



In every cycle there are only a few days when a woman can conceive, so having sex on these days is very important if you are trying to get pregnant. The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator is the first and ONLY test that typically identifies 4 or more fertile days each cycle. It tracks 2 key fertility hormones to identify your High AND Peak fertility days, so you can plan ahead and have more opportunities to get pregnant. By identifying more fertile days before ovulation than any with other ovulation test, you have more opportunities to get pregnant and can plan ahead to spend quality time with your partner.
  • The only test to typically identify 4 or more fertile days - at least 2x any other ovulation test*
  • Accurately tracks your personal levels of 2 key fertility hormones
  • Identifies additional high fertility days that no other test can, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant
  • Clear results, the unique Clearblue 'smiley face' appears on your fertile days
  • Can adjust every time you test according to your unique hormone profile
  • Over 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge
  • Easy to use vs strips - in a UK study, 7/10 women found 'strips' were not 'easy to use' (111 women using and reading different test types)
  • Reusable reader and 10 Clearblue ovulation test sticks included


Directions for Use

Please always read the instructions on pack and in the leaflet carefully before use. You need to know your usual cycle length before you start to ensure you test at the right time to find your high and peak fertile days. Remove a test stick from its foil wrapper. Remove the cap from the test stick. Align the purple arrow on the ovulation test stick with the arrow on the test holder. Insert the test stick until it clicks into place. The ovulation test will switch on after you have inserted the test stick correctly. If it's the first time you have used the test holder, the 'new cycle' symbols will flash briefly. Wait for the 'test ready' symbol to appear and test immediately. Place the Absorbent Sampler pointing downwards in your urine stream for 3 seconds. Or collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container. Dip the sampler in the urine for 15 seconds. The 'test ready' symbol will start flashing after a minute to show the test is working. Within 1 minute you will see that the test is working as the test ready symbol will start to flash. Keep the sampler pointing downwards or lay the ovulation test stick flat. Throughout testing never hold the test with the absorbent tip popinting upwards. Your result will appear on the display after 5 minutes.


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