Brita Maxtra Water Filters 8 Pack

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  • Brita Replacement Water Filter Maxtra Cartridge 8Pk
  • 12 month supply of MAXTRA+ water filter 
  • Compatible with all BRITA jugs (Classic range excluded)
  • Effectively Reduces:
  • Heavy metals such as Lead and Copper
  • Chemicals such as Chlorine
  • Limescale
  • Replace filter every 4 weeks or 150L for optimum performance



The MAXTRA+ Power Filter features the unique MicroFlow technology, formulated especially to provide expert levels of filtration for different water conditions around the world, including Australia. 


Made of activated carbon from natural coconut shells, the latest innovation delivers a higher concentration of Micro Carbon Pearls and a 20% increase in the outer filter surface area for a more effective reduction of taste-impairing substances such as chlorine, resulting in fresher, cleaner water. As always, the ion exchange pearls help reduce metals like lead and copper, whilst ensuring reliable protection from limescale build-up.


Furthermore, the MAXTRA+ filter also contains a finer mesh for improved reduction of rough particles and a finer cartridge grid which effectively controls the exit of fine particles. 

For optimum results, we recommend replacing your MAXTRA+ filter every 150L or 4 weeks based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day


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