Brita Marella XL Blue Jug 3.5 Litres & 2 x Maxtra FilterBundle Pack

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  • Large countertop design with 2.4 Litres filtered water capacity, 3.5 Litres total capacity, dishwasher safe (except lid) with flip top lid for easy refilling
  • Electronic memo - reminder notifies you when to replace filter cartridge
  • Includes formula MAXTRA+ filter cartridge with 25 percent finer mesh for better reduction of coarse particles lasts around one month
  • Micro carbon pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities which affect taste and odour of food and drink
  • Ion exchange pearls permanently absorb lead and copper and reduce limescale, for household appliance protection

Package includes:

1x BRITA Aluna XL 3.5L Water Filter Jug
2 x BRITA Maxtra Filter Cartridge

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